We can do any level of tree surgery from pruning to felling.

All too often people live with trees year after year and do not realise just how much the tree has grown and how much light and space has been taken away from the house and garden.

Regular tree pruning ensures that your trees stay manageable and do not cause damage to your home either by risk of falling branches or the tree itself or by the root system destroying property. The root system on a tree grows to support the size of the tree, which as the tree grows larger so do the roots and there is no guarantee where the roots will end up.

Before any tree surgery is undertaken we will require details of any preservation orders that may be in place as it is illegal to touch a tree without consent from the council if there is an active preservation order in place.

Please note that during the nesting season we will not be able to carry out any tree or bush pruning if there are any nesting birds in situ as it is both cruel and illegal to do so. We can re-schedule and complete the work once the birds have fledged.